Care instructions

By following a few simple care tips, you can keep your hair extensively fine for a long time. Remember to use only shampoos and conditioners that are free of parabens and sulfates. Follow the instructions on the bottles and shampoo the entire hair including the loose hair three times a week. Do not use conditioner on the brackets, as they may slip out. Read on for more care advice on hair extensions.

Wrapping, conditioner and heat protection

Hair Extension Care Tip: Try using a hair wrap 1-2 times each week to give your hair extensions a lot of moisture. Finish the wrapping with a conditioner that closes each strand of hair, but as I said, never use conditioner on the brackets as they can then slip out. It is important to dry your hair by blow-drying thoroughly, but remember to always use heat protection before. This also applies before you flatten or curl your hair. Another important care advice is how to dry your hair. Wet hair is very brittle so never rub your hair dry with a towel. When blow-drying your hair, comb it at the same time with a tangle teezer. Brush from below and then up towards the scalp. To sort out tangles, hold the loop so as not to pull it out with the hairbrush. Brush your hair several times a day. An important care advice is to always sleep with braid and dry hair. To take care of hair extensions from HelloBombshell, HelloBombshell’s hair care and styling products are recommended.

How long does a hair extension last?

If you follow our care instructions and use the right products, the loose hair stays nice for a long time. About 3-6 months is the most common lifespan for hair extensions, but our salon recommends that you replace or replace your extension after about 3 months. To get more tips on caring for hair extensions, you can visit our salon, where we can also review what it looks like and possibly change it if necessary. In our salon you will also find all the products you need to ensure that your hair extensions are fine and well-groomed for as long as possible.

Seawater, home staining and removal

Some other care tips that can be good to take part in are to use protective and emollient oils regularly. If you plan to bathe in salt water, it is important to always wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo, conditioner and wrap afterwards, to get all the salts out of the hair. Spread the brackets with your fingers to prevent them from tangling. Other tips hair extensions: Although our hair extensions are of the highest quality, it is recommended that you avoid chlorinated water and seawater. You should also not dye or bleach your hair extensions. When it is time to remove hair extensions, it is important that you follow our instructions and use recommended products.

Proper care for hair extensions

For us, it is important to offer the very best hair extensions to our customers, which is the reason why our hair extensions are genuine remy. This high quality simply gives the finest and most luxurious hair and through proper care you ensure that it lasts a long time. For more care advice, feel free to visit our salon in central Gothenburg. For the care of hair extensions, in addition to taking part in our care advice, you can buy the products you need directly from us. HelloBombshell exclusive hair extensions have an extra long lifespan compared to other hair extensions, so with the right care you can look forward to having a luxurious lock of hair for many weeks. If you have any questions, you are warmly welcome to contact us. Mail: Tel: 0764149310