Bombshell Clip-on Double Drawn - LOVE BOMB #60 Dry Martini- 120g 55cm

3 500 kr

Bombshell clip-ons are special ordered, which means that we can NOT make any returns, only change the color if the packaging is unopened. If you are unsure about your color, send a picture of your hair color to ""


Clip-on hair extensions are a great solution for those who want a temporary hairline without having to undergo a permanent hair extension. These hair extensions are easy to use and can be attached in just a few minutes using clips attached to the hair.

The advantages of clip-on hair extensions are many. First, you can easily change your hairstyle in just a few minutes. If you want longer hair, more volume or maybe just a few strands in a different color, you can easily attach the clip-on hair extensions to achieve the desired style. Second, clip-on hair extensions are a gentle alternative to permanent hair extensions because they do not involve any chemicals or glues.

  • Finished clip-on mounts
  • 10 hair ties with clips in each package
  • 120 grams of hair.
  • The loops are 50 cm long.
  • Real hair in remy = tangle-free.
  • Pink Comb
  • 3 pink crocodile clips
  • Bombshell Bag

Bombshell maintains the best quality on the market.

How to put in clip-on hair?
Each package contains bridles that are prepared with clips. You start from the bottom. Set up your upper hair with our Clips, tuft the part where the Clip-on bridle should sit and then fasten the buckle where you tufted. Fold down the next section of hair and do the same until you have clip-ons all over your hair.

Care advice Clip-on hair extensions

  • Store our hair extensions in the included bag / box when not in use.
  • Never sleep with Clip-on hair extensions.
  • Do not bathe with clip-on extensions in.
  • Do not dip the loose hair in chlorinated water / salt water.
  • Shower your hair sparingly, use paraben & sulfate-free products and heat protection when styling.