Work with us

It should feel good to be nice ♥ ️
At hello Bombshell, we always strive for decent conditions! From factory to salon, to staff and finally to you as a customer. We always strive for as sustainable alternatives as possible. Both financially and from an environmental perspective!

All hair is donated of your own free will. The loose hair is genuine and of good quality. Which means that our hair extensions can be used over and over again. Our loose hair is no wear and tear but a lasting hair that lasts. You can use our hair for several months, even years if you take good care of it!

All our hair is sent in 50 packs to us even if you order 25 loops on the website. Then we pick out 25 loops for you and post. To avoid wasting material, we get all the hair in 50 packs. You save the hair packages that come to you when they are ready for you to rest your hair. Then you put the hair back in your package for minimal wear and tear on your hair. Good for your hair extensions. Good for the Environment. ♥ ️

Our paper bags are SGS certified so it is possible to reuse and recycle. All so that you as a customer will feel safe to shop from us. You think about the environment. We too!

Working conditions:
We at Hello Bombshell are part of Frisör Företagarna, which means that all our employees follow their agreement. Holiday pay is paid to all our employees as well as favorable prices on our hair extensions and our products. Our staff can adapt their work schedules according to their own wishes.

We at Bombshell strive for as good a working environment as possible for our staff. All to make you as a customer feel safe with us. We stand for good conditions.

If you have any questions, you are warmly welcome to email us we will respond as soon as we can ♥ ️