Apply your Extensions

You need:
Clips , comb , hair brush , hair extensions from Hello Bombshell

Step 1
Shampoo your hair with sulfate-free products. Conditioner
on the lengths.

step 2
Blow dry the hair. Don't forget the heat protection.

Step 3
Flatten through the entire hair. If you already have straight hair, you can skip step 3

Make sure that the person making your deposit is certified via the Hello Bombshells Academy. Always ask to see a diploma. Mr.”
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A few more steps to get you to Hair Heaven with Hello Bombshell Tape Extensions

Step 4
Brush through the entire hair with the hairbrush, then section up and prepare for the insertion of the tape loose hair. Start from the top, about 3-4cm from it
bones you usually have. Part your hair in as straight a section as possible to avoid pulling. As a stylist, you must ensure that you have a few different colors in stock so that you can always match the customer's hair.

Step 5
Begin the insertion, remove the protective plastic from the finished taped hair.
Lift up one section and attach the tape from underneath, place the client's hair over and then the next piece of tape on top.
Press the tape sandwich firmly together with your index finger and thumb. Then work your way down row by row. 3 rows above for the ears.
2 rows ear to ear and a small row above the occipital bone.

Step 6
When the insertion is complete, it's time for clipping and styling. Put all the hair back and cut the hair when your client is standing with their back to you, then put the hair forward and cut to the last. Don't forget to cut the transition between bangs and length together, so-called stepping in the hair.
Finish with heat protection and then style.

For the Bombshell Signature Look.
Hold the curling iron horizontally, curl larger sections and finish with Gloss Spray. Then brush out the curls with our Bombshell comb.

When withdrawing and selling Hello Bombshell extensions
Is it important to use the removal tools and tape we sell here? They are adapted for our hair extensions.

Come as you are, walk out as a Bombshell