Environmental policy

Highest quality

Sure, beauty is fun, but it should also feel good, right?

Hello Bombshell strives to maintain the highest quality on the market.

We don't stand for throw away products because we simply don't believe in it. Our hair extensions are therefore designed for those who love quality & durability!

You should be able to buy hair from us and have it for a long time instead of having to buy a new one every three months. Good for the environment and good for the wallet.

Our goal is to contribute to better environmental thinking within the beauty industry & of course it is possible to be stylish & smart at the same time.


Hello Bombshell has chosen to have 25 grams per package. Hello Bombshell encourages its customers to reuse the hair packages and save the hair in there for the next turnover instead of throwing the packages away.

Goal setting

Our goal is for the plastic on our hair extensions packages to be removed by 2025 and replaced with an environmentally friendly alternative and to replace our e-commerce bags with an environmentally friendly alternative in 2025.

Our goal is to always offer the best hair to you as a customer. You should feel confident that you are making a good choice for the environment and for yourself by choosing us.

Hair & Quality

The hair we use is voluntarily donated from Asia with European quality so that it matches your hair perfectly.

Not tested on animals

Our products are not tested on animals & are vegan.


We want to do everything we can to contribute to a better environment. If you have comments or questions, you are most welcome to contact us at info@hellobombshell.se