common questions

You can always contact our hair salon directly if you have questions about hair extensions.


How long does an extension last?

An extension lasts 2 months with tape & weft, as well as 3 months with keratin. Hello Bombshell's hair extensions have a shelf life of around 1-2 years, which is a big difference compared to the competitors' hair extensions which only have a shelf life of 3-6 months.

When do I need to replace the wig?

We are known for our awesome quality. Our customers usually have our hair for 1-2 years.

Do hair extensions tear your own hair?

No, not with correct deposit & withdrawal. It is important to go to a certified bombshell hairdresser / stylist for deposit & withdrawal as we have Sweden's most durable tape. If you don't know how to take it out yourself, they can tear your hair. Always use the remover & cleanser from our webshop if you have to remove the loose hair yourself. If you want a tape that is not as tight, choose our invisible.

Can you dye Bombshell's extensions?

Answer yes! But no guarantees are included if you dyed the extensions hair yourself.

Can you swim with bombshell extensions?

Yes, most colors work. But we do not recommend bathing if you have #18 or our ombre colors. & certainly not abroad in chlorinated water. Just #18 & others with #18 in. They can then hit in orange. Those are the only colors we experience the problem with.

How many packages are needed for a full deposit?

4 packages are needed if you want to have a full set of our hair extensions. Thin to normal hair.
Thickening 1-2 packets.
For thick hair 6-8 packages.

What products should I use when I wash my hair?

In our Webshop we have hair products that are perfect for your extensions.

How do I care for bombshell's extensions?

1. Wash your hair every 2 to 3 days with hair products from our webshop.
While your hair is still damp, apply heat protection throughout your hair.
3 . Blow-dry through the entire hair, paying particular attention to the attachments. This is because they loosen more easily at the edges if they are still wet.
4 . Feel free to use a wrap, a recommendation is 1 to 2 times a week on the lengths.

Which method should I choose?

If you have thin to normal hair, we recommend choosing hair extension tape . For hard-wearing hair, you should choose keratin hair extensions, and for thick and powerful hair, weft hair extensions are the best option.

How much does it cost to buy and insert hair extensions?

With us at Hello Bombshell, you can buy hair extensions in both our webshop and in our salon. The prices for hair extensions in our webshop vary between SEK 999 and SEK 2,000. If you want professional help putting in your hair extensions with us, we have prices from SEK 1,375. If you are interested in any other form of hair treatment, you are welcome to our salon in central Gothenburg.

How long does it take to insert hair extensions?

Depending on how many packages you will have. Everything from 60-180 min.