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By following a few simple care tips, you can keep your hair extensions nice for a long time.
Just like your own hair, it needs good hair care, and so does the hair extensions.


In the case of blonde and light brown extensions, it is important to stick to your care advice as these colors are damaged more quickly. Here are some examples of what discolors.
Sunscreen and spray tan are two things that discolor your hair extensions immediately upon contact with each other. However, your hairdresser can solve this by washing the hair with a bleach wash, but there are no guarantees, so it is important to set up the hair and protect it.

If you are going abroad and swimming in sea water, it is always important that you rinse the salt water out of your hair and wash your hair in the evening with shampoo, conditioner and a wrap. However, this can wear out your extensions if you do it every day, so we recommend that you put your hair up when you go swimming for longer durability.
This also applies to chlorine water. Try to avoid this if you have blonde or light brown hair extensions.

You should not try to bleach your hair extensions, you do so at your own risk. Let a professional hairdresser color the hair. Silver shampoo is used with the utmost caution as silver shampoo can cause extensions and your own hair to fall off. We rather recommend using a detox shampoo or a silver wrap instead of silver shampoo.


good hair care

It is extremely important to have good hair care when investing in hair extensions. For your Bombshell Extensions, you need to use shampoo and conditioner that are sulphate, paraben, silicone and protein free. Examples of good products are: Eleven, Kerastase, Living Proof, Kevin Murphy, Reborn and Caviar.

When you have extensions in, it means that you need to give the extensions moisture, so you should use a wrap at least once a week. When using tape extensions, it is important not to leave packaging or conditioner on the tape attachments, as they can slip off. Also use a good Detox shampoo every two weeks to clean out all the impurities in the scalp. Detox shampoo, we recommend that all blonde hair extensions are used continuously.

For Tape Hair Extensions:
Bombshell's tape contains silicone and latex, so if you are sensitive to this, try 1 loop for 48 hours. If you get a reaction, do not use!

towel & heat protection

Wet hair is fragile, which means that regular towels damage the hair more than a Microfiber towel. We recommend that you use a microfiber towel as these are developed with nanotechnology, which makes the hair dry faster than normal towels on the market. Hugging the loose hair with the towel allows you to avoid damaging the hair.

It is important to blow dry the hair especially on your scalp as the loose hair is stuck there. Here you must be careful to use heat protection before starting to use heat tools including hair dryers.

When you have dried all of your hair, feel free to use a good hair brush that is adapted to untangle tangles as well as polish the hair and increase blood circulation in the scalp. When you go to sleep, we always recommend that you sleep with a braid and against a silk/silk pillowcase. This is gentle on your hair and also on your skin.


For us, it is important to offer the very best hair extensions to our customers, which is why our hair extensions are genuine remy. This high quality simply gives the finest and most luxurious hair and with the right care you will see that it lasts a long time.


- You brush your hair too hard with the wrong brush
- You take medications that affect your hair quality.
- You may have been pulled by the hair.
- You are pregnant or breastfeeding.
- You have sensitive hair follicles where the loops sit.

A bald spot is nothing dangerous, it will grow back, but see your stylist or hairdresser when you discover this, it may be that you need to rest your scalp from extensions. A bald spot is NOT a complaint, but it is your responsibility as a customer to see your stylist or hairdresser so you get help in the best possible way.

How do I get the hair out?

GUARANTEE ON hello BOMBSHELL SALON - Gothenburg and Stockholm

Hello Bombshell provides a 6-month warranty on Bombshell Extensions provided they are maintained as follows:

• The correct products must be used for the warranty to apply.
• When the hair has been put in on the customer, the hair is considered used and no right of exchange applies.
• Blow dry your hair after every wash, DO NOT sleep with wet hair and always braid your hair
sleep and exercise.
• The hair must be protected from UV rays, heating tools, sun cream and
chlorine and sea water and wrapping should be done once a week.
• Sunless tans and spray tans are used with caution and always at your own risk.
Sunscreen is used with caution as it can discolor especially blonde hair.
• Detox shampoo should be used continuously from the start to prevent build-up of
coating in and on the hair. However, all hair extensions turn yellow/darken over time.
• Warranty does NOT apply if you subject your hair to any form of
color treatment, color wrapping or bleaching. Silver shampoo is advised against when possible
cause the hair to fall out and become discolored. Any type of pigmented product is used
at your own risk.
• If the hair is NOT cared for according to the terms of this agreement, there is therefore no guarantee.
• Only products recommended by the salon should be used.
• Should any form of warranty apply, the customer is obliged to purchase one of
the following product package from the salon.
• Receipt for purchased products is valid as proof of warranty and is a
document of value that must be presented.