Match the perfect loose hair

Looking for the perfect way to match hair extensions in different colors for
to create a stunning look? Combining different shades of hair extensions can
be a great method to create a natural and plump look that
suits your personal style. By matching hair extensions colors correctly
you can achieve a seamless transition between your own hair and the loose hair,
which gives a professional and impressive result.

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Löshår tejp ljusbrun #8-8-18

#8-8-18 Boom Chakalaka

#8 Love story

Determine your base color:
Before you start looking for hair extensions, it is important to determine your base color. Take a look at your natural hair color and decide which shade you want to match the wig with. It's also important to consider the tone of your skin and eyes, as this can affect which shade suits you best.

Explore the color wheel:
The color wheel is a useful tool for understanding how different colors relate to each other. By choosing a shade that is next to your base color on the color wheel, you can create a harmonious and natural transition between the loose hair and your own hair. You can also experiment with complementary colors to create a more contrasting look.

Create dimension with highlights:
To give your hair a more natural look, you can use highlights in different shades. By adding lighter and darker strands, you can create dimension and movement in your hair. This can help create the illusion of naturally sun-bleached or shifting hair.

Consult a professional:
If you are not sure which colors best match each other, you can always consult a professional hairdresser. An experienced hairdresser can help you choose the right shades and give you tips on how to apply the extension to achieve the desired result. They can also offer you tailored recommendations based on your hair type and style preferences.