Bombshell Keratin Hair Extensions Luxury #18-60 Touch Down Manhattan

1 250 kr

Hello Bombshell Exclusive Keratin is of the best Scandinavian quality. The hair is remy, does not tangle and lasts a long time.

  • Pre-Bonded Flat Tip
  • 100% keratin from Italy
  • 25 loops per package
  • The hair is 53 cm long.
  • Real hair in remy.

How do you put in hair extensions with keratin wax?
The hair extension has Pre Bonded Flat Tips that are easy to put in. Your stylist uses a special heat tong to put in the hair. The hair extension is firmly attached to the hair if it is attached correctly. We recommend going to a trained stylist who makes your deposits and turnovers. It is important to use the right products and tools to avoid wear and tear on your own hair.

How much hair extensions do you need?
It is important to buy the right amount of hair extensions for the result to be good. With too little hair, there may be a visible edge between your own hair and the loose hair. After insertion, it is important to cut your extensions with your own hair. The hair should look natural and blend in with your own.
For a thickening of your own hair, 1-2 packages are needed
For thin to normal hair needs 3-4 packs
For normal to thick hair needs 5-6 packs
For thick to very thick or short pages, 6-8 packages are needed


  • Real hair of the highest quality
  • Made of 100% Keratin from Italy
  • Tangle-free
  • Remy, all the hairs are in the right direction to avoid tangles and tangles
  • 25 loops per package
  • Weight - 1 gram per loop
  • Thickness: Double drawn
  • Shelf life: 2 years