Pink Dahlia Comb

99 kr 199 kr

A comb is one of the most used and important to keep the hair healthy and neat . With a high quality comb , you can transform tangled strands of hair into a comfortable arrangement .

All of our combs are made with the highest quality to ensure that you get the best possible results .  We have specially designed combs for all hair types , from fine , thick , curly to straight hair . Our comb is also designed with a smooth surface to prevent damage to the hair when you brush it . 

  • Comb to separate highlights
  • Woven highlights are created only by combing
  • The hair section is divided into two layers of hair in one step
  • Reduces working time, easy to use, convenient handling

This stick comb is perfect for those who work professionally with color and extensions.

The comb is 26cm long and 3cm wide.