Bombshells - Weft Thread 1372m BLONDE 100% Nylon

175 kr 349 kr
  • 100% nylon thread for weft
  • 1372 meters long.

  • Sewing thread is known for its superior durability and ability to secure bridle hair in place. It keeps your extension securely attached to your own hair, minimizing the risk of it coming loose or moving during the day.

  • Suture is discreet and invisible when applied correctly. It blends in with your natural hair and gives a natural look without being visible.

  • Sewing thread comes in 4 different colors, so you can find the one that best matches your own hair color. This makes the result as natural as possible.

  • How Does the Use of Sewing Thread Work for Weft Extensions?
    The use of sewing thread for weft hair requires skill and accuracy. Your hairdresser will sew your bridle's hair in small sections close to your scalp using the thread. The result is a natural and secure hold that gives you a carefree and beautiful hairstyle.