Bombshell Duo - Remover & Cleaner for Tape Extensions

599 kr

 A simple SOLUTION to get rid of your tape hair. Is it time to replace your tape hair ?  Look no further for a solution - this duo hair extensions removal is a simple and effective solution. It is easy to use and does a quick job of removing tape hair . It is also a gentle treatment that does not damage the hair or scalp .

Cleaner hair extensions - You use this agent to remove tape residues left in the hair after removal with a tape remover.

We do not recommend removing hair extensions yourself! Without going to a certified Bombshell stylist!

Take out our tape extensionslike this; It is important to use a pin comb, and carefully separate the attachment while pouring the agent between the tape attachments. Get help from a friend if you don't have a bombshell stylist in your area or can get you to us. As it is difficult to make withdrawals yourself!

Separate the fasteners with the pin comb. And pour the agent in between. After each attachment is out, take cleaner and clean the hair thoroughly. Extraction takes time even for professionals and requires patience, so don't rush to get the tape hair out. Rather take more funds and work with the stick comb calmly and methodically.

When all the attachments are out, use the scalp scrub. Then shampoo & conditioner, then brush through with a comb carefully. Use Bombshell Haircare for removing all the tape left overs.

Place all used tape loops on a towel, then peel off the tape from each fastener. Before applying new tape.

Feel free to email us at if you have any questions. We are happy to help.

We also have a video on Instagram where we show exactly how we do with these funds. There we are called

Fantastic duo products for removing tape extensions.