Tape remover pen with USB charging

899 kr

Fantastic pen that removes tape residue with heat. Perfect for those who work professionally with hair extensions. The pen is charged with a USB cable. When removing the tape, press and hold the button for a moment. About 5-6 seconds. Then the tip of the pen gets hot. Then remove the tape from the tape hair by dragging the remover pen over the tape attachment and pulling upwards away from the extensions hair. When the procedure is finished, you then attach a new tape from Hello Bombshell, and voila the tape attachment is like new again. However, do not hold the button down for too long because the pen will get very hot. Work on a durable surface.

the pen is black and comes in packaging with a USB charger. It is convenient to take with you. Store it in the box when you are not using it. After use, wash off with a slightly damp cloth and spray with alcohol before charging.