Heat tongs for Keratin wax

1 200 kr
Heat tongs for keratin wax are adapted for hair extensions and hair thickening. With the heating tongs from HelloBombshell, you attach keratin strands to your own hair gently. With hair extensions and heat tongs from HelloBombshell, you can transform short hair into long and thick hair in no time.


The wax mimics the hair's own keratin and is applied using heating, which is best done with a good quality  heating tongs. When the creatine wax has cooled, the hair extension becomes permanent and as part of your own hair. The heating tongs maintain a good temperature and are gentle on your hair.


Place the protective plate next to the scalp, thread a strand of your hair through the protective plate. Place the keratin wax loop under your own hair and melt for a few seconds using the heating tongs. Repeat the process until you are satisfied.