Bombshells - Pink Love protective plates for Keratin extensions

139 kr

Optimal protection and care for your keratin hair extensions with our advanced protective plates!

When it comes to preserving the beauty and quality of your precious keratin hair extensions, our specially designed protective plates are an indispensable accessory. We understand the importance of protecting your hair extensions from heat and external stress, and our protective plates are designed to do just that.

Our protective plates are manufactured using the latest technology to ensure maximum heat protection. When you use heat tools such as Keratin Tongs, heat can be stressful for the scalp. Therefore, you should always use protective plates in your hair. Our protective plates act as a barrier between the keratin loop and the scalp. which minimizes the risk of high heat in connection with the scalp. and keeps your hair healthy and your bottom free from heat.

In addition to offering heat resistance, our protective plates are also designed to protect against friction and tangling. They create a smooth surface that allows brushes and combs to glide smoothly through your hair without causing damage. This means you can enjoy beautiful and flexible keratin hair extensions without unnecessary wear and tear.

Our protective plates are easy to use and can be easily attached to your hair. for a quick and efficient solution.